PARIS, March 12, 2009 @ 巴黎

LV 2009 秋冬Ready to Wear都好可愛喔!
終於又回到可愛系列~主要元素荷葉邊, 泡泡裙, 澎澎袖, 蝴蝶結我都很愛~

更可愛的還有像兔女郎的大V 頭飾設計:)
V 感覺就是Vuitton的縮寫

高跟鞋在腳踝上方搭配蝴蝶結設計 超可愛的~

以下是我喜歡的款式 (怎麼這麼多好好看的~真令人驚艷)

This slice of the late eighties—ruffled, ruched, and poufed as it was—looked as if Jacobs had pulled out his 1987 magazines and worked up a playful homage to Christian Lacroix.

It was also a rich accessory fest for the leather goods company. Leather necklaces and belts came fashioned like paper chains, and thigh boots were topped with ruffles and balanced on pearl and glitter-covered heels. The all-important bags had also acquired eighties pie-crust frills and gilded monograms. If it wasn't quite the fashion tour de force of Vuitton's Spring collection, this penultimate show of an often dour and cautious season read as a welcome interlude of cheerful, flirty confidence in a post-crash depression.


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