CHANEL COUTURE每年都超美的!! 一共57套喔! 大部分是很實穿帥氣的套裝, 但我還是比較愛小禮服~~ 下面這件超浪漫的!

每位model都穿白色絲襪, 搭配平底娃娃鞋, 感覺好像小天使
髮型都好像天上的精靈一樣~~ 有皇冠的感覺

PARIS, January 22, 2008 – When guests filed into the Grand Palais, they were greeted by the sight of a giant monument to the Chanel jacket, apparently cast in concrete. The message? The immutability of the brand—perhaps not a bad statement in a week when the search for rock-solid future investments is, to put it mildly, playing on people's minds.

In Karl Lagerfeld's hands, the Chanel couture jacket is an infinitely malleable treasure, always current yet timelessly valuable. This collection reiterated that magical strength to the max, with lyrical plays on the little tweed classic. It was cut in neat shapes, as riding jackets, in puffy-sleeved romantic satin, or as coat-dresses with angled hems, and often fastened with huge bejeweled brooches (a strong trend in Paris). But Lagerfeld also raised questions about the end uses of couture now. By sending out each girl in a pair of ballet flats, hair decorated with ingenue tiaralike Alice bands, and keeping the lengths resolutely short, he pitched the Chanel image toward lightness, freshness, and the young customer he sees emerging in new markets.

Partly inspired by the spiraling forms and delicate colors of shells, the skirts and dresses came draped, twisted, and inserted with edgings of feather and flashes of metallic embellishment. Together, they built toward some breathtaking moments: a fondant-pink suit veiled in cream tulle, a raw-edged midnight-blue chiffon cocktail dress, a black bustier dress with gold glinting from the inside of its looped-up skirts, a creamy tiered dress made entirely from plumes. All these pristine examples of technique and imagination (and there were many more) combined to lift the audience to that special place of "How did they do that?" wonderment Chanel alone can provide. The only letdown? Something in the performance. It's not necessarily a Chanel-specific problem, but today's very young, thin, unformed models lack the personality needed to bring the joy of couture fully to life.

香奈兒(CHANEL)08年春夏高級訂製服於台北時間前晚舉行,電影《穿著PRADA的惡魔》中所影射的美國版《Vogue》總編輯Anna Wintour,穿著超過百萬元的07年高級訂製服Tweed外套看秀,架勢十足,果真是地球上最有勢力的時尚圈名女人。報導:陳慧明



Karl Lagerfeld有鑑於Tweed外套愈來愈受到重視,今年提倡CHANEL的百搭新哲學,秀上絕大多數服裝皆以外套做基礎,強調不要Tweed的Total look,反而更見活潑與朝氣。Model髮上皆以貝殼做裝飾,浪漫的海洋風情帶來春天的氣息。


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